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Your Timeline for Bridal Beauty

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

I know firsthand how stressful the planning process can be, but the beauty aspect of getting married should be your opportunity to relax, unwind, and take a break from those to-do lists. In my years of expertise and getting brides pampered for their big day, there is definitely a method to the madness! Follow this timeline to best organize your bridal beauty schedule:

8+ Months

  • Start the microblading process. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to heal from both the initial + touch-up sessions AND still focus on your skincare as your wedding date gets closer.

  • Book your wedding hair and makeup artists. If scheduling allows, try to do your trials before a special occasion like your engagement photos or bridal shower!

6 Months

  • Have a skincare consultation with an aesthetician or dermatologist to target specific skin concerns and establish a routine. Schedule your facials/other skincare treatments in 4-6 week increments leading up to your wedding, and slowly test and introduce new products.

  • Consult with your hair stylist about your goals for color, fullness, length, etc.

2-4 Months

  • TRIAL EVERYTHING! Hair, makeup, anything you might want to have done prior to the wedding- try it with plenty of time ahead to avoid any possible beauty blunders! This includes a spray tan, lash extensions, brow waxing or tinting, teeth whitening, injections, you name it!

  • Make sure all of your wedding-week beauty appointments are booked.

  • If you’ve already had microblading done and want to schedule a Color Refresher before your wedding, this is the perfect timeframe to ensure you’re fully healed with some wiggle room to get back into a skincare routine.

Another pro tip: lash lifts are great, especially before a bachelorette trip or for brides who are doing their own wedding day makeup! But if you’re having your makeup professionally done and/or plan to wear strip lashes, the application can be more difficult if your lashes are too curled. I recommend making sure a lash lift has at least 4-6 weeks to fall before your big day!

3-7 Days

  • Enjoy being pampered! Have your final hair color + trim, book one last facial or a massage, get your nails, lashes, and of course, brows done!

  • Completely unrelated to beauty, my favorite piece of advice to give brides is to watch lots of wedding movies this week; think Monster In Law, 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, The Wedding Singer, Father of the Bride, Mamma Mia, The Wedding Planner, Bride Wars, etc. Not only will they will get you into the wedding spirit- there’s always a happy ending no matter how chaotic the journey! Remember that this is yours + your partner’s moment, one that you’ve probably been dreaming of for a while, and it’s finally almost here!

2 Days

  • SPRAY TAN LAST! This should be ~24 hours after all other services so there’s no barrier or residue left from lotions, scrubs, oils, etc. Prep ahead with hydrating, shaving, and exfoliating.

1 Day

  • Drink plenty of water and get your beauty sleep!

+Once you get your wedding photos back, don’t forget to send me some pictures of how beautiful you and your brows looked so I can share them with other brides! Xox,

Cassi Lang

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