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Microblading Color Refreshers

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

To refresh my microblading, or not to refresh? I’m so glad you asked!

After your Initial Session and 6-8 Week Touch Ups are complete, the next microblading session I’ll see you + your brows for is a Color Refresher! These appointments are an opportunity to make adjustments to the shape, thickness, length, density, and of course, color of your brow tattoo long-term.

Unlike many other beauty services, microblading is not something that needs to be "kept up with" on a routine basis. There is no set amount of time in which you should get a Color Refresher; pigment retention completely varies from person to person- some will last for 6 months, others for 5 years!

While most of my clients are ready for a Refresher between 18 months and three years on average, the best rule of thumb is to wait until your pigment has ran its course + faded enough from your skin to allow a crisp healed result from your next session!

This is why my criteria for scheduling Color Refreshers is as follows:

  • It’s been 12+ months since your previous microblading session

  • Your existing pigment is faded by at least 70%

  • You have specific changes you’d like to make to your brow shape, size, and/or pigment color

To keep the integrity of your skin in tact, we want to avoid refreshing your microblading repetitively or before your pigment has adequately faded. Otherwise, this can lead to your brow tattoo looking “muddy," solid and unnatural, or creating unnecessary scar tissue from undergoing the healing process too frequently- and eventually will develop a resistance to new pigment.

Keep in mind that microbladed brows are low maintenance, not no maintenance! It can be expected to still apply some makeup as needed while allowing your pigment to properly fade + desaturate. In between Refreshers, many of my clients will also see me for esthetics services to give their brows shape or an extra “pop” without weeks of healing. A simple brow clean-up with waxing and tinting can go a long way (and is significantly less expensive than a Refresher!)

If you are unsure about if your pigment is faded enough to Refresh over, I’d be happy to take a look at them! We can consult during an esthetics service, or you can email me photos of your brows. When taking these brow photos, be sure to:

  • Remove makeup completely from your eyebrow area

  • Stand in natural lighting in front of a window

  • Take a straight-forward shot of both brows with your forehead muscles relaxed, as well as a close-up of each brow

Thank you for trusting me with your brow transformation! Xox, Cassi

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